Annual car show for classic Japanese vehicles in Williams, Arizona


Q – What’s the schedule of activities for the event?
A – Click the tab for Location & Schedule on the homepage.

Q – How much is it to register?
A – Registration for the event is $45. 

Q – Will there be an official event t-shirt?
A – Every registration includes an event shirt! Shirts will also be available to purchase at the show (as well as leftover past-year shirts).

Q – If my car is a project car and I want to bring it to the show, will it qualify for an award?
A – Absolutely! We are here to celebrate ALL classic Japanese vehicles. If yours can be driven or trailered, it should be at this event.  We’ve got a special ‘Diamond in the Rough‘ category especially for these unfinished treasures!

Q – If I don’t register online and I don’t get my registration mailed before the deadline, can I register on-site?
A – Yes!  Show up at the Meet & Greet and ask for Becky – she’ll have registration packets and can take care of you!

IF you plan on registering and paying the day of the event: Pre-registration helps us to know how many to plan on and what to prepare for. By registering the day of the event you are NOT guaranteed a goodie bag or a certain size t-shirt, or any other freebies that pre-registered participants receive… but join us anyway!

Q – If I register and pay, and I can’t make it the show, can I transfer my registration?
A – Absolutely, you can transfer your registration to another person or vehicle, but please let us know as early as possible who will be taking your spot.  NOTE:  Because this event benefits a charity, any unused registrations go directly to the charity (no refunds).  

Q – How does the judging work?
A – We’re glad you asked! Some folks take their efforts very seriously, and we think it’s only fair to recognize those owners whose cars reflect that effort. Besides, who doesn’t love getting an award, especially one that’s awarded by your peers!

Only registered entrants are eligible for judging. Each registered entrant will receive one voting ballot to be used in judging show cars.
Spectators are not eligible for judging.
Only one ballot may be turned in per registered entrant. If you need a new ballot for whatever reason the old one needs to be turned in.
Only cars with a registration number posted on windshield will be judged.
Here’s the categories (subject to change as registrations roll in):

  • Best Roadster
  • Best Z-Car
  • Best 510
  • Best “Other” Datsun
  • Best Truck
  • Best Toyota
  • Best Honda
  • Best Mitsubishi
  • Best Mazda
  • Best Subaru
  • Best in Show – special award by
  • Oldest (car, not owner!)
  • Diamond in the Rough
  • RSK Favorite (chosen by RSK staff)
  • The Iron Butt Award (longest traveled)

Q – What’s the weather going to be like?
A – We will update as we get closer to the event, or you can check .  Last year, it was 72* for the high and 41* for the low.  Perfect!  Bring an umbrella, as the weather can be unpredictable.

Q – I can’t stick around all day Saturday… what do I do?
A – Due to safety concerns, we can’t have cars heading out before the completion of the show.  If you absolutely must start your car and move before awards are presented, please check in with one of our staff at the beginning of the show and we’ll help you park at the very end of the show field.

NOTE: The Route66 JDM Classic is a family-friendly event. Bring your kids, bring your dogs, bring your friends… but if you can’t make it through the event without alcohol or drugs, do yourself and us a favor and stay home.

Also of note: Williams is a beautiful small town… they’re not interested in your burnouts or shenanigans, and neither are we. We work closely with local law enforcement, and any unsafe driving or obnoxious behavior will be addressed swiftly and severely. Thanks for understanding!