Annual car show for classic Japanese vehicles in Williams, Arizona

Location and Schedule

“Mission Control” for the Route 66 JDM Classic is easy to find – Look for the Dairy Queen at 603 Historic Rte 66. That’s where you’ll want to be Saturday morning to park!

October 1st, Friday night, 6pm – 9pm
Meet and Greet at Cruisers Restaurant (can’t miss it, it’s the place with the red hot rod on the roof) – This is where you’ll pick up your registration packet.

You can pick up your packet Saturday morning, but be advised we’re usually scrambling to get cars parked and taking late registrations, so if you can pop in Friday night at Cruisers, it’s advised.  Stop in and see old friends, have a nice dinner, and relax before the show!

October 2nd, Saturday morning, 7am – 9am
Roll-in and parking

NOTE: The show officially starts at 9am – Please have ALL cars parked and situated before 9am for safety. Local traffic cannot be disrupted after 9am, and staff have other show duties to attend to. Vehicles arriving after 9 am MAY not receive a parking spot.

Cars will be grouped by model. However, if you’d like to park with your friends, feel free – but be advised, this can make judging difficult.

Also, if this will be your first time joining us, Route 66 is the main thoroughfare through town. It is ONE WAY ONLY on each side, so be aware of this and plan your driving accordingly.

October 2nd, Saturday evening, 5pm
Break down and roll out. If you’d like to stick around and hang out, we’ll be meeting up for dinner at the same location as the Meet and Greet, and some of us are staying through Sunday.